Inspired by New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna, our exquisite Woodlands collection captures the stunning beauty found within Aotearoa’s enchanting native forests.

Woodlands Signature & White Flowers Hero

Treasured by many, the gorgeous daisy is found abundantly within Aotearoa’s woodlands and is a beautiful token of friendship. The wearing of these Daisy Drops honours your special connections and friendships that have stood the test of time. Lovingly handcrafted from solid sterling silver featuring a gold centre, the daisy is a token of good times and memories made together.

Woodlands Eternity Vine Jewellery.jpg

Eternity Vine


The Eternity Vine Necklace represents inner-strength and resiliency when faced with adversity; just like the vine that grows in the most unlikely of places and survives against all odds. This beautiful token of infinite strength reminds us not to be afraid when we are presented with opportunities to grow. Finely handcrafted from solid sterling silver, finished exquisitely with gold.