Where to Begin?

We know buying an engagement ring can be a daunting experience so we've put together this handy guide to simplify the process and help you choose a ring that is sure to make her say YES!

Set your Budget

Deciding on a budget early will help with choosing a perfect engagement ring that is within your price range. While others say that you should spend about two months salary on a ring, we think otherwise! Buying an engagement ring is a truly personal experience as each ring holds symbolic value and lasts a lifetime. Because of this we don't believe there should be any guidelines on your budget, it should be what you feel most comfortable with.

Maximise your Budget

Save GST

If you're about to go overseas, pick your ring up from the airport and save with tax free.

Make the most of your budget and take advantage of our services like tax free and interest-free finance.

Choose your Design

To choose a design you need to decide on diamond shape, ring setting, and metal. This is the part where we recommend to do a bit of research on your partner. Have there been any subtle hints dropped? Does she tend to wear yellow gold or white gold? We offer a broad range of designs as well as being able to custom design, making the ring even more special & unique.

Custom Design

With our state of the art design system, we can expertly create the ring you are after, working within your budget, and providing a no-obligation quote. Or if you have chosen a ring from our collection we can also have it tailored made to suit your specifications.

Choose your Diamond

Now that you have a budget and design in mind, its time to do a bit more research and learn the basics behind diamonds. You'll want to choose your shape, maybe a traditional round brilliant or perhaps a gorgeous pear. The size and clarity of the diamond is your next step and will potentially have the biggest impact on your budget.

The 4'Cs of Diamonds


The cut refers to the precise arrangement of facets cut into the stone to give the diamond its brilliance and radiance.


Small imperfections, known as inclusions, that occur naturally within a diamond determine its clarity.


A diamond's colour is determined on a scale from D to Z. The most sought after diamonds have no colour.


A diamond's weight is measured by carat & does not necessarily determine the size or value.

Diamond Brokers

Here at Stonz Jewellers we have direct access to incredible diamond inventories across the world, searching through thousands of stones and selecting only the most perfect diamonds for our customers. We believe in sourcing the very best quality at the very best price ensuring you receive better value to match your budget.

Choose your Metal

18ct White Gold and Platinum are the most popular metals for diamond rings but there are plenty of other options for you to choose from.

Yellow Gold

White Gold

Rose Gold



Lifetime Service

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our engagement rings offering a free lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. Included in this warranty is also a lifetime service which includes free regular health checks on your engagement ring, free cleaning, free yearly valuations, one free resizing, and one free re-rhodium plating.


Custom Wedding Bands

Thanks to our state of the art design system, we can custom make your wedding band to match your engagement ring as well as creating a gents wedding band saving you both time and stress.

Make an Appointment

Now that you have a general idea of what you will need to choose your perfect engagement ring, it is time to make an appointment with one of our instore diamond experts who can guide you though your options!